Machine Learning Specialization Subscription

I am Vishesh Bishnoi. I purchased the Machine Learning Specialization course around 19 June 2022. It was a 1 month Course starting from 19 june to 19 july 2022, bought for 3800Rs/-. When I started it had 2 out of 3 courses availaible and the 3rd course was under review. So i completed the 2 courses. But now the 3rd Course has Arrived but i am not able to acess the LAB files and Assignmnets.
I would like you to extend my subscription so that i can get Certificate after completing the course because i paid for the whole(3) course and not just for 2 courses.
How can I do so please Help.

Hi @Vishesh_20

Could you please contact Coursera to discuss this issue. Here is a link to their learn support centre.