Payment Timing Of Other Classes In The Specialization

Hi all,

Today I am planning of completing the theoretical parts of the entire course, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 in a period of 5 days. I will be left with studying the codes plus the hands on projects. Probably I will surpass the 7 days period of the free trial, this means I will start paying the first subscription of Coursera but under no circumstances will this process stand for too long.

If I start the second Course on a later day, not immediately in other words, does this mean my paid subscription ends when I end the first course or is it included in the “Specialization” where since it consists of 3 Courses, maybe I will have to deal with special conditions?

Looking forward for your reply

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Menelaos_Gkikas ,

Please contact Coursera Help to discuss any subscription issue. This forum is for course content related discussions.