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Hi Fellow Readers,

I know that there is lot of progress in Generative Models, but I’m not able to locate anything that can read the mathematical equations from any research articles and produce something similar equations.

Of course, there are models that produce language from these research articles as either summary, rephrasing, etc., but, not for Mathematical equations.

Please correct my understanding and help me with the research happening in this field.

Thanks for reading.

Thats right as far as my understanding goes the models would try and give a prediction not a definitive answer to a problem hence not doing well in math problems.

Dear Gent.spah,

You are right. Rather than the definitive answer (or) probabilistic, the algorithms in the current time are not modelled to read these equations.

If there are any algorithms that are modelled to read these equations, would be a game changer.

Thank you for your comment.

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