[Minor Feedback] Week 1 Lab01 Neurons_and_Layers Minor Suggestion

Week1 Neural network model Lab

When we are generating the dataset, I think there is 2 lines, which are redundant. which is…

pos = Y_train == 1
neg = Y_train == 0

and then next block is

pos = Y_train == 1
neg = Y_train == 0

fig,ax = plt.subplots(1,1,figsize=(4,3))
ax.scatter(X_train[pos], Y_train[pos], marker='x', s=80, c = 'red', label="y=1")
ax.scatter(X_train[neg], Y_train[neg], marker='o', s=100, label="y=0", facecolors='none', 

which pos and neg setting is duplicates. Is there any repository that I can make edit and PR? :slight_smile: I think it is a easy fix!

Thanks for your report. I’ll submit an issue for it.

The repo is only open to course staff.