MLS Course 3 - No transcripts


At this stage it appears that almost none of the videos in MLS Course 3 have transcripts.

When can I expect these will be available?


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also me have the same problem

Hello. There are some ongoing efforts regarding to the transcript and as soon as I hear any update, I will share it here.


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Yes, in addition to transcripts not appearing the ability to take notes is also gone.

I use the notes feature heavily … any idea when it will be up again?

I have a problem in the ex code in C3_W2_Collaborative_RecSys_Assignment
Can you help me?

Just a note: @zeinab_mohamed should have opened a separated thread for the problem.

@zeinab_mohamed, it’s always better to open a thread when it is a different discussion. Thank you for doing that.

@Philip_Jones , @nourhan18 , I just checked out a few videos for Course 3 Week 1, and they all have transcripts.

@brooksjordan , I can also take notes now.