Transcripts-Notes-Downloads missing

Hi… I’m very excited to start the latest course… does anyone else have the ‘transcripts notes downloads’ section missing at the bottom of each video’s page? I’ve checked on Chrome and Edge and even returned to the previous 2 courses’ videos and the section appears there.
Are those features unavailable for this course, or perhaps I’ve missed the related information somewhere?

The subtitles doesn’t appears to me, i think that its a similar problem

Also, do we get slides for course 3 as the previous two courses?

The website still doesn’t have them yet.

This issue is from coursera’s end! I suggest contacting them.

Thanks @Mujassim_Jamal … I’ll update this post once I hear back from Coursera.

Hi all!

First of all, welcome to our community! The subtitles are automatically generated by Coursera and sometimes it may take a couple of days to all of them be present in the videos. They come together with the transcription notes. So by tomorrow everything should be in place. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

@Well_Zhang about the course notes, we will publish them in about one week. This is because there are some minor adjustments we do after the launch. Once the notes are ready, we will publish them in Coursera and announce it here.

If there is any other questions, feel free to ask.


Thanks for your response Lucas… and the downloads are now in place too. :+1:

Just checking back on this – are the slides now available? I don’t see them on CoursEra.

Also, when you publish these, would it be possible to save the PDF as just the final version of each slide (as opposed to the intermediate steps/ slides that were used to produce animation during the lectures)?