MLS_Week 1_Optional Lab

Hi there. I am trying to access optional lab of week 1 in MLS but it is showing Locked. It wasn’t there previously.

Hello @shairani

One possible reason is that your subscription has expired. I suggest you to check the subscription status in your cousera account, and if it is not expired, contact cousera for help.


Hi, I have the same issue. What can I do?


Hello @Bruno_Robles,

If you have the same problem, then I will just suggest you to do the same: check your subscription status. If you still have a valid subscription, then contact coursera and explain your case to them.


How to check for a subscription? Please tell

Hello @shairani,

I found this, but if it does not apply to you, please search the coursera Help center for instructions, or contact Coursera if you have any questions related to your account.


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