My optional lab get locked .but my end date is not finished yet

now how can i get access back?

Hi @r_bodavan

If you enrolled to the 7 days free trial option and it is now expired, you will need to subscribe to the pay option to continue access.

no i enrolled it by financial aid

From the screenshot that you have shared, it is suggesting that you do not have a valid subscription. However, based on your last post, if you think you have a valid subscription, I recommend you to contact cousera for clarifying the situation and see what they can do for you. Coursera manages your coursera account :wink:


i was enrolled it by financial aid.
it was working till last day.

Hello @r_bodavan,

I do not have access to your account, please talk to coursera staff and explain your situation to them.


yeah i contact with them.they didn’t replied yet.

When did you contact them?

almost 10h ago. . . . . …

can you tell me how much time did they take?

There is a chance that you and the team which handles your query are in different time zones, so sometimes we need to wait a little longer because of that. Besides, it is almost weekend, so if they do not get back to you on Friday their time, you will need to wait for a couple more days.

ohh.ok thanks a lot :blush: