Model for Budget predictions

Dear all,
I’m wondering which could be a good model approach, to predict budget values for projects, based on project informations.
NN seems not appropriate because this is not a classification problem. A linear regression do not work well in that case because a lot of features like “Customer Name” etc cannot be linearized well.
Does anybody has an idea, what kind of model/approach/algorithm is suitable for such kind of task?
Thanks in a lot in advance,


Algorithm selection for a specific task (which here is regression) heavily depends on the data and its characteristics. have in mind, NNs and even Deep NNs can be used for regression task. usually in these circumstances try to test at least one good and proper algorithm from every possible approach. for instance in your model catalog have a tree-based algorithm, an ensembled one, a linear one and etc. also utilizing an approach for hyperparameter tunning (such as grid search) can help the overall accuracy significantly.
at last, based on my previous experience, it’s always worth it to invest your time and effort in feature engineering & Generating, cleaning, wrangling and etc. since it can boost the accuracy of your model significantly.
I hope you’ve got what you were looking for.

Yours Sincerely.