Model not loading

I have been trying to load my h5 file but it get stuck all the time with no error message. I’ve tried using different versions of Tensorflow in my model but still cannot load the h5 file into Coursera.


Can I know what does it tell when you are trying to load H5 file?

Does it tell you didn’t pass the grader?

Thanks for the response but I was eventually able to load the file.

I am also facing the same issue could you please tell how to resolve this issue

Hello Riya,

Can I know you used which optimizer?

Also try once clearing your browsing and cache history and logging out from coursera and then logging in, which might give you update version of the notebook from the classroom. there is tensorflow version compatibility issue with this assignment.

So first we need to confirm, if your all codes are correct, and then go with the other options.

If you want you can send me your notebook via personal DM. I can have a look.


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Thanks, this worked