C3W3 submission

this is the linkto the classrooom. how can I upload the assignment in parts as stated

You do not need to upload all parts in order to submit.

because it seems my .h5 file is 106mb and I don’t know if that is the reason it has been stuck. I have been trying to submit for 3 days now.

File size as far as I remember should be no issue, are you stuck on the uploading part?

Hey try using the search tool, there is a post thread with similar issue where Mentor Wendy has responded.

not really because this is not the first Assignment I am uploading a file. just that it doesn’t complete uploading it just get stuck at some point and does not load any more

okay thank you but before I made this post I searched. I saw grader related issue but not specific to what I asked. I search again anyway. I think may its my network issue.

Hello @Nnaemeka_Nwankwo,

Can you share screenshot of the model training with your output and expected output.

Please try these few methods.

  1. first you can try deleting the cache and browser history. Log out from coursera and relogin to submit your model in case you are sure about your codes being correct.

  2. If first point doesn’t resolve your issue, next you can try changing your system/computer to upload your model. note you will have to run the cell for the assignment and then download the model and then submit.

  3. If all other do not resolve then kindly let us know. Your codes probably needs a review. You can refer the below link where learner had issue with the codes but had the expected output.

Also sharing a similar link

So kindly check if you have followed the steps I have mentioned to the learner in the tagged link.

If you have followed and still facing the issue, then one needs to review your codes and/or notebook.


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Okat thank you so much @Deepti_Prasad. I’ll do all that and l’ll let you know if it helped.

After following the advice given by @Deepti_Prasad, I tried using incognito mode but it didn’t help. I then switched to a different browser (Edge) and was able to submit. Thank you to everyone who helped!

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Happy to help!!!
Keep Learning!!


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