Week 3 Assignment: Image Segmentation of Handwritten Digits: Submission Issue

I’m facing a problem with uploading my H5 weights to the grader.
I’m getting great results in the notebook, around 82, and everything there is going as smooth as butter, but when I try to upload my saved weights, the grader seems to fail to read the file:

There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.

This issue is quite vexing and proposed solutions in other threads have not helped in the slightest to solve this problem.

Please help me with troubleshooting and fixing the issue.

Any more details on the stderr part?

hi @Elias_Dargham

did you follow the below comment ?

kindly follow @Wendy’s last comment. incase the error still persists, then one of us will have to review your assignment file.

things to check: check the tf.version mentions at the end of the assignment.

make sure you follow the instructions mentioned in the last cell.

let us know if issue persist!!


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Hello Unfortunately I could not track this thread on my initial search for the issue, turns out correct, I haven’t executed the final couple cells to match compatibility with grader version. I reran the notebook entirely and downloaded the model and the model works just fine. Thank you!