Module Not Found Error - plt.overfit


How are you all? Hope this email find all of you well.

I am trying to run C1_W3_Lab09 lab in Google Colab environment. But it cannot find some of the modules needed for the lab. I was able to install few of them using “pip install” but failed when trying “pip install plt_overfit”.
How can I utilize the downloaded from the course so it can be installed in Google Colab?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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All of the utilities are available in the notebook “File” menu. Pip is not necessary.

Thank you, I did download all utilities and lab files to my google drive. But I still receive an error message when I try to run “from plt_overfit import overfit_example, output”.

Check this guide on how to run the assignment files on Colab.

Thank you so much!! Your instructions are clear and I am able to load now. Thank you again!!!