ModuleNotFoundError - Pandas

Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for your help! I am getting ModuleNotFoundError for pandas, which is weird since pandas is already imported in the Week2 Linear Regression notebook

Please find screenshots above. It maybe a simple fix, but no clue why is that happening

Hi @Amol_Singbal ,

This is happening because the kernel can become inactive. To active the kernel again, on the Kernel tab, click restart, and from the Cell tab on the menu bar, click run all above that should bring in all the library files.

@Kic Thanks for replying. I restarted the kernel using “Restart and Clear Outputs”, ran all cells and submitted. It still shows the same problem.

Hi @Amol_Singbal ,

It could be some sort of hidden character in that line of code that is causing the problem.
You can try to put a comment sign at the beginning of that line, and retype the same line of code and see if you have any success. Be sure to restart the kernel, clear all output and rerun all the code cells. Making sure your code passed all the tests before submitting your assignment. If that is still not helping, you will need to refresh your workspace and get a fresh copy of the assignment. Here is the instruction for getting a fresh copy of the assignment.

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Hi @Amol_Singbal,

pandas is not used in the assignment. If you think your assignment file is changed unintentionally and you would like to get a fresh copy of the assignment, please follow this instruction which will ask you to rename your current notebook so that the system can get you a new copy. You may then move your work in the exercises from your current notebook to the new one.

You should see this in the new copy.



Thanks a lot! That helped.