Name 'training_images' is not defined

about C2_W4_Assignment.

My model result :
Epoch 15/15
858/858 [==============================] - 12s 14ms/step - loss: 0.0120 - accuracy: 0.9982 - val_loss: 0.7383 - val_accuracy: 0.9360

and I got a response as below,
“There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
name ‘training_images’ is not defined”

May i know the further information about this error?

thanks for help

Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

This cell is missing grader metadata:

# Test your function
training_images, training_labels = parse_data_from_input(TRAINING_FILE)
validation_images, validation_labels = parse_data_from_input(VALIDATION_FILE)

print(f"Training images has shape: {training_images.shape} and dtype: {training_images.dtype}")
print(f"Training labels has shape: {training_labels.shape} and dtype: {training_labels.dtype}")
print(f"Validation images has shape: {validation_images.shape} and dtype: {validation_images.dtype}")
print(f"Validation labels has shape: {validation_labels.shape} and dtype: {validation_labels.dtype}")

Just checked the starter code on colab. It has the right metadata. Please take that notebook and fill your code for submission.

excuse me , another question.

what is “grader metadata”?

thanks for your help.

On notebook environment, click on View > Cell Toolbar > Edit metadata. Now, for graded cells, there’ll be an entry like this:

  "tags": [