Need a help on running model on my laptop

Hi I need a help or advice to slove my problem , I have nvidia GeForce RTX 940mx 4GB graphic card on my laptop and I have installed cuda 11.2 on my laptop , but while TRAINING Deep learning model , it always goes to resources execution error , so can any body tellls me that how to fix it , I have tried to take smaller datasets and to reduce batch size but still it not works so please help me to figure it

It might be a compatibility issue from your current tensorflow version. Try updating it, and for reference use this table:

Building the environment could easily go wrong due to version compatibility issue. Recommend using conda to manage the environment, including installing the tensorflow related packages as it handles comfortability automatically.

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+1 for the conda suggestion. In the past I have been able to resolve issues with local environment by running pip list both on the Colab and local and carefully comparing, then using conda to tweak. Have been a couple of cases where the latest packages installed by default weren’t playing nice at runtime.