Need suggestion on which courses to take

Hi all, it seems that there are lots of short courses related to the topic LLM.
Can anyone tell me which short courses are worth enrolling ? And any suggestions on the order to take those courses ?

This is a very subjective question as it depends entirely on you. For instance, your objectives, your skills, and so on.
One thing that may help you is to read the description of each course and, at final, you will have an idea of each one. Then, you can take two or three courses, which will help to clarify how to go ahead.
Note that the courses are very short, taking around 1 hour each, which means that you will spend a couple of hours to take all of them. Think about.
Keep learning!

All of them have value. Which you will find useful depends on your interests and goals.

I agree with @carlosrl! I think those short courses are something like “I need to do this but I need more idea, so I take the course”. It should begin with your objective.

If you were just looking for an entry point into LLM and without a concrete idea on what to learn, then the short courses may be too fragmented for you. In this case, you may want to try this and this. The second one should be more technical oriented.

However, don’t just trust me but yourself more. In other words, before paying for any of them, if available, make the most of the free trial period and auditing (usually only available to courses which means you need to check out each course’s enrollment page). Free trial usually gives you full access to everything but has a time limit, whereas auditing only lectures but not assignments nor quizzes. In either way, you should have enough time to make you decision.


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