New Machine Learning Specialization - Launch tomorrow!

Hey @kevinsuedmersen,
I suppose that depends on what you are aiming to get out of this specialization. Unlike the DLS, which is focused entirely on teaching the concepts of Deep Learning and the various Neural Networks, MLS primarily focuses on Machine Learning, but I guess that you must have figured from by the name itself.

There are some aspects that both of them share, for instance MLS C2 discusses about neural networks (which are explored in depth in DLS), it also includes some advice and tips on how to build and train models (which have been discussed in DLS to a great extent as well), etc.

However, some aspects differ too in both the specializations. For instance, MLS C1 explores both Linear Regression and Logistic Regression to a great extent (something which is not given that much importance in DLS). Additionally, MLS C2 provides a great in-depth study of Decision Trees and it’s various enhancements, something which won’t find in DLS. In MLS C3 (upcoming course), you will find exposure to unsupervised learning techniques, again something which is not to be found in DLS.

Still, if you are unable to make up your mind, you can always audit the courses, and if they fit your needs, then you can proceed with your subscription. I hope this helps.