New Machine Learning Specialization - Launch tomorrow!

One more day to go! The updated Machine Learning Specialization, created in collaboration with Stanford, will go live tomorrow on Coursera!

This is a foundational, 3-course Specialization that gives beginners the knowledge and experience they need to #BreakintoAI.

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Sorry, maybe is not the right place to ask here. But I am having trouble to access Discourse forum related to the new ML specialization. The link inside week1 of the first course does not work for me (maybe beacause I am also registers as a mentor for other deepleaning activities?). Also the google form suggested to solve access problems is not showing up…
May someone help me ? thanks


I’m having the same problem


Me too! If I’ll find information about how to fix it, I’ll post it.t.


same here man , if you figure out something please let me know aswell thank you

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When would course 2 and 3 be live? as i can’t access them.

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Same problem :robot:

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Hi, there should be an “invite link” in the course page named " [IMPORTANT] Have questions, issues or ideas? Join our community on Discourse!".

Yes! That’s how I got here… but the button still gives an error even after I got the invite.
Anyway, it’s a new course, so it will take a bit of time for the kinks to be worked out :robot:

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Wait so… the course doesn’t actually have a category on the forums yet?

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We are sorry you´ve been experiencing this issue. We are working on it and we will let you know when it’s fixed. For the time being this is where you can find the category.


Hello everyone!
You can use this link to access MLS on Discourse.
MLS Learner invite.

Let us know if it helps!

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I have the same problem…


How do we get the slides of the lectures?

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@pgcaptain Please check out this post for the solution :wink:

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Any reference/books for this specialization ?

When will course2 and course3 be available?

Hello Fellow,
I have joined the course and looking forward to learn ML so that I could also contribute to sustainability of our environment, specially in zero carbon cities.

2 is already running, 3 comes (today’s situation) July 13th.

Dear fellow learners,

Would you recommend to take this new Machine Learning Specialization after having completed the original Deep Learning Specialization?


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