Enrollment for the ML Engineering for Production Specialization will be closed


I know there have been two posts regarding this already - but they do not really answer my question.
The DeepLearning.AI webiste shows the following message for the MLOps Specialization:
“Starting May 8 2024, enrollment for the Machine Learning Engineering for Production Specialization will be closed. Please enroll in this specialization or to individual courses by then to gain access to this course material.”

This is pretty sad to me as I started in January with the the ML now the DL specialization with the goal to complete the MLOps by October or so.

My question: If I enroll before May 8 - will I be able to complete all courses in the stated timeframe (X weeks per Course, 4 courses) and receive the Certificate for the Specialization at the end?

If yes that is kind of good news (then I have to finish the DL Specialization in parallel to starting the MLOps one).

If not that is very sad news - hopefully some new or updated content regarding MLOps will be available soon.

Best Regards

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Yes, you can still receive the certificates at the end of the courses.


Thanks for your replies and the information :slight_smile:

Guess I will have 1-2 intense weeks then and maybe retake the course someday when it is updated.


Hi @Lars_Fikus
Here are the current updates that we can provide. The current version will still be available until October 23. You can decide to save your current work and re-enroll the a new version if you want :smiley:
Course Update Email


Hi @Th_o_Vy_Le_Nguy_n
What if I have already finished the courses and get the certification? Do I need to enroll to get access to the material after 8th? Since I still get back to the course material / lecture for review purpose.

And will I have access to the content after the courses updated?


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If you have completed a course, then you do not get free access to any updates to that course.

To attend an updated course, you would need to enroll and pay the fee.

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I understand from above response, this course is being updated.

Any idea when the new updates would be released ? If its unclear, would it be advisable to enroll in this and get grandfathered to this course?


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I have no other information or advice.

But the old courses still accessible right?

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@chris.favila, can you reply to this question?

Yes, the old course will still be assessible until October 23 if you’re still enrolled or completed it before May 7. If you have completed the courses and earn certificates, you can only access videos and slides, not labs or assignments.
In short, yes lecture and materials are available, but old labs is locked for completed learners and you can no longer re-enroll to access them after May 7.


Hi everyone! As Vy mentioned, courses 2 to 4 will be discontinued and you cannot enroll starting May 8. If you enroll before that date, you can still take the courses and earn a certificate before the labs are taken offline.

If you are currently enrolled in a monthly subscription to the Specialization but have not yet started courses 2, 3, or 4, please visit the links below and click on the Enroll/Go to Course button to ensure you will have access beyond May 8:

As mentioned in other posts, the material in these courses is very much relevant so we encourage you to take notes and save your work before they’re taken offline. Rest assured that the team will continue to monitor and maintain them until October 23.


Why is it shutting down?? I was thinking about taking this course… Are there any other good MLOps course?? please let me know.


It would be nice if DeepLearning could provide some clues to prospective students of this course.
Are we sure that a new updated course will come?
Any guidance on tentative dates?


This is so important information. I would have just enrolled in the Specialization and thought that I could start the courses 2-4 whenever ready as long as enrolled to the specialization before 8th May.

Going to enroll and start all the courses right now :smiley:

Thanks for this hint :slight_smile:


Hi Venkat. Unfortunately, I don’t know when an MLOps Specialization will be available again.

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@chris.favila @Deepti_Prasad I enrolled into the MLOps specialization in January, completed 2/4 courses and almost finished week 1 of course 3. I manually enrolled in courses 3 and 4, but unfortunately, I can’t access courses 3 and 4 on Coursera.


Hi @Jibin10

Can I know if you paid subscription for course 3 or via financial aid?

I have completed all tasks in the Week 1 Assignment with all the correct ouputs. However, when I press Submit Assignment I get the following error:

Bad request: {‘errorCode’: None, ‘message’: ‘Failed to find active course item with atom Vket9RVaEeuRpQ4rKgBMmw for 117557225’, ‘details’: None}

I can find no solution to this problem. Can you help please?


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@Deepti_Prasad @chris.favila No aid, I’m subscribing to Coursera since January paying the normal charges. The Coursera mobile app shows an ‘enrolled’ status for courses 3 and 4 but I can’t access the content (it’s not loading).

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