Course Update Email


I received an email from coursera that enrollment for courses 2 through 4 will not be possible after 8th May 2024. Why is this the case ? Is there going to be new contented added to this specialization ?


Hi! Thank you for reaching out. Discontinuing courses 2 to 4 is part of the company’s continual evaluation of its course catalog and where to focus efforts on supporting learner needs. Nonetheless, the material in these courses is very much relevant so we encourage you to take notes and save your work before they’re taken offline. Rest assured that the team will continue to monitor and maintain them until October 23. There are new courses and Specializations in the works for later this year that we can’t talk about just yet. Stay tuned!

So I just found this out after enrolling in the 1st course on the 8th (by chance). So I won’t be able to complete all the courses for the MLOps specialization and certificate?

@mattz608, check the main MLOps forum thread, there is more information there.