New Tags feature for Forum

  • Members will be able to post in the Course category, but must add a “week #” tag to all posts in the course Q&A categories. (You can add up to 5 tags per posts)
  • When opening a draft post members will see a template
  • All posts pertinent to Course Q&A are under the course category.
  • Learners and mentors are able to filter categories by Tags.

  • To create a post in the “Course” categories, you must at least add 1 tag, or max of 5 tags per post.

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Hi, I just created a post in NLP > Attention Models and when I was drafting the post I was not able to see the tags option in the draft UI. Is that expected?

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It works for me as shown below:

I got there by clicking the little “edit pencil” on the title of the thread.

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Thanks! I’ve just tried that, but I don’t get the same tag dropdown that you seem to have:

Maybe only mentors & admins are permissioned to add tags?

In any case, the tag option did not appear for me when drafting a post either, which doesn’t match the screenshot in the announcement above.

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Ok, sorry, then I think your theory must be right that there is something wrong with the way they have the permissions set on the tag feature. If they expect everyone to use it, then sort of by definition it needs to be accessible to everyone.

@Community-Team can someone please take a look at this? Thanks!


Everyone is able to use tags. @esav , looking at your image, tags are not on the title section they are when you are posting, under the title of the post. Editing a previous post does depend on your member level. See image below:

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@esav , do refresh your page and check, I made some changes to your user.

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But surely the rules would allow the creator of a post to edit it? Even though you would only permit someone to edit anyone else’s post unless they were an admin or had higher privilege levels, the owner should always have access I would think.

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Why make tags optional? It makes sense to force the learner to select atleast 1 tag.

Maybe to force at least one week tag when it comes to courses Q&A (except for short courses and subcategories like MLS resources)?

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That is how it is set up @rmwkwok , if there are any that don’t have this, please let me know. Some of the posts might have been during the transition of updating tags everywhere. But they should all have the “force 1 tag” In te Q&A course categories.

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One thing I noticed that now courses under specialisation are only mentioned with name and not shown with C1-Custom models but as Custom models (with below informed as course 1)

I Felt the previous C1 - course name was more helpful than the current formatted look as it gives prompt look for Course number rather than looking other places, just a suggestion.


is week tag optional for learners too? and I can see balaji mentioning you have made one tag compulsion, what if the learner chose mentor tag and no week tagging?? Then we are back to the same issue, asking which week assignment is the issue related??

I somehow feel week tagging should be a must. probably mentor tagging can be optional.

Thank you @paulinpaloalto @Deepti_Prasad @rmwkwok @balaji.ambresh . We can continue on the mentor thread.

I will be around if any issues occur with the updates.

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It seems to be working for me now, thanks!

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Learners seem to skip tags:

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This is what I was trying to state as the tags are optional, they don’t put effort to choose that.

Week tagging is a must.

Another suggestion would actually help a lot would, assignment name, or video’s name or topic’s name to be made mandatory.

I see posts like

“My grader failed, please help me” no screenshot, no assignment name, no week description, only specialisation name. How can anyone help with that single statement.