Why can't I add tags to my enquiry

Hi Friends, I am trying very hard to try to tag my enquiries and questions to the “Week-1” or “Week-2” tags but it seems I cannot find the tags under the drop down menu when i typed “Week” and look for options. It does not work, there are no options. Can someone advise how to add tags to your questions/forum comments on this platform? thanks!

The “AI Discussions” area does not support week number tags.

And only the thread creator (or a mentor) can add tags to a thread that already exists.

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We are sorry you are having issues.

We have this section that explains how to add posts and tags in our forum.

Not all categories require tags at the moment. But if you are asking about a course related question in the Q&A section those do requiere for you to add a tag in the post creation.

If you are looking to see all of the tags we have in our forum at the moment, you may find them here.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Great work @Community-Team saw some amazing posts made by the team on basic queries with image description. That’s is going to help learner alot.