New to AI and transitioning to a career in Tech

Hello all,

I have an extensive background in project and program management, product launch and product design, in automotive, construction and corporate interiors. My goal is to transition into tech specifically AI to start, however, I do not have any experience in the tech industry. Where is the best area to start? How can i increase my chances of being hired into the tech world? All suggestions are welcomed. Thank you!

What are your specific goals in the AI realm?

Do you want to use existing tools to solve problems?

Do you want to create new tools to solve new types of problems?

Either way, you’re going to need at least intro-level computer programming skills. They’re not difficult to learn. Have you any experience in this?

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Thanks for your reply … both… I’m currently researching the AI realm to find out what opportunities spike my interest and to learn from experts in this group like yourself…I do not have basic computer programming but thanks to your advice I will look into courses to learn this basic skill. Thank you!!!