Trying to Evolve My Career into the AI Field

Hi Friends,

I just started the most basic AI course on Coursera: “AI for Everyone”, I’d like to ask for advice here on whether there are roles in AI companies for people like me who are from non technical backgrounds and what we may need to learn to get into these roles. Like in my case, I’m mostly an account manager, business development manager, and product manager (ecommerce). Is there a way that I can evolve my career in AI? For example, becoming an AI Product manager, or something like a QA? I’m not sure if I can currently balance my work with learning software engineering. But if I have to learn engineering for AI, where can I start?

Thanks for the patience and advice everyone!

The low-hanging fruit would be to learn how to apply AI tools to your current role.

There are lots of Short Courses available via DLAI that cover the use of many AI tools.

You could explore a sampling of those, and see if anything of them seem useful for your needs.


Thank you so much for this! I’ll try this approach. Would you know any AI Tools that would be usable for handling brands on certain marketplaces (ie. Amazon, Shopee, rakuten)

No, I do not.