New to ML and looking to build a model for financial market speculation and prediction

hi community
i am new to AI space and have a project were i am looking to add ML to my trading robot forex market. to better my bot decision making
i could use any help i can get at this point

Hello @johnney01 and welcome to the AI community.
Do you have specific outcomes you want to achieve, so as to help you with algorithm selection?
It’s also good to note that some factors affecting forex movements, such as politics and market sentiment, etc are inherently unpredictable and challenging to incorporate into ML models.

Thank you @Isaak_Kamau
And yes i am aware of the factors affecting the forex market but and i will find a way to work with them when its time
but i am still at the starting phase and i am new to AI and ML algo’s

what i intend to achieve is to build a trading AI that can make accurate predictions of price movements of some tradable asset and to execute trade at the appropriate time which can generate maximum ROI’s with minimal drawdowns with time.

but at the moment i am only developing trading bot which have their drawbacks and irresponsive in different market conditions, which i think with integration of AI you and have an adaptable system which can perform in different market conditions

how about leaving stocks, crypto and forex aside and focusing on energy? that sector is the most stable, giving maximum profit…as per what I’ve heard.

Getting “Accurate” predictions for price movements is nearly impossible, but you can try to couple your ML model with an LLM to capture more context and increase the accuracy. All the best

thank you