New Video Released? [Course 2 Week 3] [PCA]

Dear ML Team,

Yesterday I got a mail regarding the course update for Course 2 of ML Specialization.

In that, one of the updates is not reflecting, i.e, the section on “Dimensionality Reduction using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)”.

Course Two, Week Three:

  • New Topic: Dimensionality Reduction using Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
    • 3 new lecture videos: “Reducing the Number of Features”, “PCA Algorithm”, “PCA in Code”
    • 1 new optional lab: “PCA - An Example of Exploratory Data Analysis”.

Is the video upload pending for this part? Please let me know as I am about to start this section. :sweat_smile:

Other updates are being reflected in the course.

There was an error in the announcement.
The PCA material is in Course 3 Week 2 (not Course 2 Week 3).

Hi @TMosh !

Relate to this question, I got the email as well. However, even though the email says that “These new lessons and labs are included for free with your existing specialization” I have no access to the Labs (locked). How can I get access to the updated Labs?

Thanks in advance!

If you are currently enrolled in the course, you should have access.
If you already completed the course, you probably don’t have access to the new material.