Ningbasic difference b/w deep learning and machine learning

basic difference b/w deep learning and machine learning

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To know about the difference between ML and DL kindly check the below post and the links.

One of the internet resource is as follows:

and see this also


This question is like an internet meme that recurs periodically and the graphic above is one of the most succinct explanations I have seen. Some companies seem to think Deep Learning has superseded all other forms of machine learning (Peltarion was one I know of) but I don’t know that that is universally accepted. For now at least, I think subset is the important insight from this image.

Here is an incomplete list of some machine learning techniques that are not ANN:

  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Decision tree
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm
  • Naive Bayes algorithm
  • K Nearest Neighbor (KNN) algorithm
  • K-means
  • Random forest algorithm
  • Dimensionality reduction algorithms
  • Gradient boosting algorithm and AdaBoosting algorithm

NOTE: many of these are covered in the machine learning specialization

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Well basically the answer to your problem is that machine learning ( ML ) is a much broader term as compared to deep learning ( DL ). DL is actually subset of ML. When we talk about machine learning, our focus is on how can we train machines and computers, so that they can learn from information, analyse it and produce some fruitful outcome just like we humans do. ML does not specifies on what type of algorithms are we going to use. It includes all proper and established methods of training a machine to learn from data. Thus all known algorithms and types of training like regressions, SVM, Neural Nets, Decision Trees, Reinforced Learning, Unsupervised learning, everything comes under ML.
On the other hand, DL particularly specifies the use of Neural Networks for solving the problem. Deep Learning is basically the family of algorithms that have neural networks as their backbone. Deep Learning due to its high efficiency and accuracy have risen above, much more than any other ML algos in the recent years. If you see DL is actually a much newer term for Neural Networks, which actually kind of struck and now is widely used.
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