Deep Learning VS Machine Learning

The Terminology of AI

Hello, I don’t understand the difference between deep learning and machine learning? So, as far as I understand, machine learning is about teaching the algorithm using input-output mapping for it then to be able to answer any related question on its own; is that correct? If so, how is it different from deep learning?

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Machine Learning is a more general term that covers essentially all forms of ML, including supervised and unsupervised algorithms and things like Reinforcement Learning, whereas Deep Learning is a more specific type of supervised learning algorithm that uses deep neural networks.

I found this diagram by googling “Venn diagram machine learning”. :nerd_face:


Think of machine learning as teaching computers to learn from examples. It’s like showing a computer lots of pictures of cats and dogs and telling it, “This is a cat, and that’s a dog.” The computer learns to recognize patterns and make predictions based on what it has seen.

Now, deep learning is a cool technique within machine learning. It’s like giving the computer a more sophisticated brain, inspired by how our brains work. This brain, called a neural network, has many layers that work together. Each layer helps the computer understand different features, like fur color or ear shape.


I would say machine learning is a family that incorporates algorithms used in deep learning(ANN) and data science.


From what I have understood. Please correct me here:
Any form of machine learning delivers A->B mapping. Dataset relationship remains one to one
Deep learning is a special subset of machine learning.
Neural network algorithm in DL looks many to many relationships in dataset A to arrive at B.