Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

To understand Deep Learning, what concepts of Machine Learning you should know in general?

All of them.

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before To understand deeplearning is very important to understanding neural networks as a whole at first

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Hi @elirod thank you for the welcome message and yes I am trying to comprehend what neural networks are through Course 1 Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

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Just follow through the courses and you will make progress bit by bit towards fully understanding how deep learning works, so don’t worry about that for now, and just dive into the courses :wink: If you come across any other machine learning concept and wonder how it might help your learning joruney, feel free to share it with us here and we may be able to give you some suggestions, for example, if the concept is going to be covered in a later course of the deep learning specialization that you are taking, then we will just ask you to hold on to that and wait until Andrew explains it later.

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Hey @rmwkwok

Thank you for explaining in such an elaborate manner and I look forward to a great learning experience. Good to be a part of the deep community!

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