NLP "Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces" wee4 assignement exercice 6

in this exercise I used modules that passed the tests but when I test the function of exercise 6 it gives me an error but I don’t understand why. I think the function is correct … below is the code and attached the different steps of the assignment

(Solution code removed, as posting it publicly is against the honour code of this community)

issue w6.pdf (266.2 KB)

Hi @Antonio_Padula,

There are a few things wrong in your implementation. I’d suggest to go through the exercise again and follow all instructions/hints.


thanks Mubsi ,
but the Previous modules are all correct aren’t they? So is the error in the function code of exercise 6 or not?

I haven’t taken a look at your other exercises so I’m not sure. But yes, your Ex 6 was incorrect.

Yes i follow your suggest and now it works thanks