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Hello everyone, I’m working on a project in which I aim to extract job data for remote job market analysis from the LinkedIn website. I intend to apply NLP to the job descriptions to gain insights into the skills in demand. Can anyone here please guide me on how to perform this? I have successfully extracted LinkedIn data but am unable to determine the best NLP approach for this task. Thanks in advance!

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May be use OpenAI api call and create a prompt that would take the context as job description and extracts the skills that might be necessary for that job description, or you can go with more rudementary approach like finding a section like “skills” in the job description and extract them, if this is not working may be you can go for LLM based approach may be using Llama2 which is open source and free, I am recommending LLM because you can add more functionality suppose, you can also get some information on how to learn those skills or tailoring a cover letter or resume, whatever! These came to my mind


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