Required Skills for NLP related jobs

Hello there!

I’m asking about the required skills to get prepared for NLP engineer job

– What should my resume contain?
– What kind of projects should i focus on?
– Should i be more specialized in my study for NLP? (Just focus on two or three topics)

And all skills that required in general if i forgot or didn’t notice any thing.

Hi @Thrax !

Thank you for your post! I have some thoughts on this question and want to share my answers with you. Hope it helps! :blush:

  • What should my resume contain?
    I think you could start from the following skills:

    • Regular Expressions in Python
    • Beautiful Soup
    • NLTK package (tokenization, stop-word removal, part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, stemming & lemmatization etc.)

    I feel the NLTK package is a very popular and useful tool and I have seen it on many job descriptions so perhaps you could highlight your experience using it! Besides, tools like Beautiful Soup, Selenium, spaCy are also very popular if you are working on data-cleaning projects.

  • What kind of projects should I focus on?
    In term of what types of projects you could work on, I feel there’s no fixed route. But I can list some typical NLP projects I worked on and felt might be helpful to start.

    • Spam Classifier with Naive Bayes
    • Part of Speech Tagging with HMMs
    • Feature Extraction and Word Embeddings (Bag-of-Words, TF-IDF, Word2Vec and GloVE etc.)
    • Latent Dirichlet Analysis (LDA) on topic modelling
    • Recurrent Neural Networks on sentiment analysis
    • Sequence-to-sequence RNNs for chat-bot or machine translation
  • Should I be more specialized in my study for NLP?
    In my opinion, I will try to go broad first. After following through tutorials for each project, I would try to extend each project by adding personal thoughts and creative ideas to the project. In terms of tutorials, I would recommend TowardsDataScience, machine learning mastery, Kaggle etc.

Hope it helps! :partying_face: