Link between NLP and DA jobs

Hi everyone. I have been learning Natural Language Processing together with Data Analysis. I wonder whether there is a link between those areas and jobs involved with both of them. Does anyone know anything about my concern? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi, @Vu_Hoang_Ngo !

Sure! Consider that each time ML/DL is more and more capable, so NLP with, say GPT-3 or BLOOM models provide you with valuable information when dealing with human language. That is just another source of data for you Data Analysis.

For instance, chatbots, generative literature modeels or human-machine interface are some of the most interestings fields that combine NLP and DA.

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Thank you very much for your answer. I really appreciated that!

Hi @Vu_Hoang_Ngo !

Based on my personal work experience, I think there are a lot of places during data analysis where you can apply your NLP skills. Specifically, you could have a look at the spaCy model. I enjoyed using it very much during a company project in that I have been asked to create a model to clean texts and extract keywords. (Named Entity Recognition)

Link to spaCy:

Hope you enjoy it! :smile:

@KyoCheng Thank you so much!!! <3