Neural Network in regression? text prediction?

Hello, I am learning C2 week1, from its objective, I found that it is talking about using neural network in classification and images. Will there be any tutorial about regression? and the dataset with text information? I am going to work on such project. I want to get familiar with it. Thanks!

Hi! has a specialization in NLP (Natural Language Processing) which will cover how to use Neural Networks for text information.

For Regression in Tensorflow and Keras please see this tutorial here

To learn the NLP specialization, do I need to firstly understanding the ideas in “ML specialization” and “DL specialization”? I am getting into ML specialization now.

Hi @kaian0414, I remember the NLP specialization has the option to audit it, please check it out and see to what degree you can understand the content, and also please consider to join the community for that specialization and see if learners and mentors there have any suggestions for you to complete the specialization.


I agree with @rmwkwok audit the specialization to see if it’s a good fit, if not do the DL specialization and return to NLP.

Understanding both the ML specialization and the DL specialization will be helpful for the NLP specialization. As those specializations teach the fundamentals of ML and DL respectively. The DL specialization does cover some Neural Networks for Text in the 5th course but is not as deep as the NLP specialization.

From the FAQ for the NLP specialization:
Q: What background knowledge is necessary for the Natural Language Processing Specialization?
A: Working knowledge of machine learning, intermediate Python experience including DL frameworks & proficiency in calculus, linear algebra, & statistics

Thanks! I will try to get into that course and see if that is suitable for me.

Thanks SamReiswig. I am a newer here, I will try to firstly finish ML specialization first, then go to see if NLP is ok for me. If yes, go further; otherwise, back to DL specialization. Haha, thanks for your opinion~

Hello @kaian0414

One of the courses under the DL specialization “sequence models” is especially worth looking at in the context of NLP - Prof. Andrew does touch upon the relevant concepts from that course in the NLP specialization though.