NLP with Sequence Models Week 3 NER Assignment error

While running this assignment I keep facing the following error in the code section that needs no modification:
module '' has no attribute 'inputs' error, for the line
train_generator =

I tried adding more imports and some more solutions but none of that seemed to work. This is crucial as the rest of the assignment depends on this.

Is this a problem anyone else has faced and can fix?


Does this stop running the rest of the cells in the assignment or its just a warning?


The rest of the cells don’t run correctly because they depend on this train_generator variable. The test functions also fail because of this error.

Hi @Mubsi would you care to have a look at his issue! Maybe there are updates of Trax…

@Tarang_Mittal I would suggest your reset the notebook to its original state and try once again running it.

Hi @Tarang_Mittal,

Yes, please try this first, and if it doesn’t work, let me know.

That worked, thank you!