No matching distribution found for tensorflow==2.3.1

I cloned the following repo for course 1, week 1 -

When I run pip install -r requirements.txt I get the following error

ERROR: No matching distribution found for tensorflow==2.3.1

My env - Python 3.6.5 (32 bit), Windows 10


Hi @kalra.ashwani
welcome to the community!
Just for my understanding. Are you using the Method 2: Docker

I am using method 1, without docker. On doing some research, It seems that 32bit version of python is the issue. Can you confirm?

at the moment I need to investigate more in depth about 32/64 bit options.
Anyway I’m using an Ubuntu 20.04 under WSL2. I have a 64bit CPU. It works.
I have used the Method1 from a native Ubuntu Linux and it works as well.
From the Anaconda Navigator (under Windows 10) I see that the Tensorflow version is 2.3.1.
Maybe this link can be helpful

Unfortunately I haven’t a 32 bit version of python at the moment.

Thanks. I see that this thread is also suggesting to switch to 64 bit of Python. Will try with 64 bit version and update here.

I agree.