No previous knowledge of TensorFlow

I dont have any previous experience of Tensorflow or Keras. Should I first learn the basics of the same before continuing with the course further?

You can continue with the course, this specialization assumes python knowledge. If you want you can learn tensorflow or keras, but this specialization is meant to teach you the fundamentals of machine learning, there is no specific requirement about tensorflow or keras.

Hello, @fulorianarendra5,

Just to add on @pastorsoto’s response, you will use some Tensorflow in Course 2 & 3, but that does not mean you need to be proficient in them before starting these courses.

Andrew will show some Tensorflow code in the lectures, and the assignments are always with explanations on what to do and with hints for almost all of the exercises. It will take some time to digest, as always, just like any course materials, but with these resources, hopefully you can focus most of your time on reading them, trying them, and learning them, instead of reaching out to other external sources (though it is not bad to do so :wink: ).

Certainly, that does not mean you will be a Tensorflow expert after these courses, because as @pastorsoto explained, these courses are for the fundamentals, and we are probably just showing you some Tensorflow along with many other things that I think should be shown to learners even under the limited scope of a course. So, I think we can adjust our expectation to getting to know the concepts, and getting to try the tools, and not to worry about technical proficiencies in specific tools like Tensorflow.

However, we do need basic level of Python. :wink:


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Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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