Pre requisites of Machine Learning Specialization

I want to know that is there any prerequisites for this Machine learning Specialization that I have like python and advanced mathematics etc. as I have joined the course now.
I am cleared in basic python and maths.

Hi Tayyab_Shafiq, if you are comfortable with mathematics and basic python, then you are good to go. It would be better if you get more comfortable with python by taking some course or reading some book and solving programming problems along the course.
You will learn all other required things in the course like numpy, tensorflow. You can learn to use some more libraries like matplotlib, pandas, sklearn etc… on you own.

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Hi @Tayyab_Shafiq, you will find some good resources in this repository that will help you meet the prerequisites.



You need some knowledge in mathematics, python basics and these are core requirements. It’s better of you know numpy and matplotlib but codes for the last is always implemented for you but I suggest you learn it. So if you take the python for everybody specialization on coursera will be a very good step. Also you can take both at the same time which I highly recommend.