No Submit Button- Week 3 Assignment

I completed the assignment. I tried submitting the assignment multiple time but was getting error:

  • Grader error: Malformed feedback. Please visit the Discussion forum to see if your peers are experiencing similar errors. If the error isn’t resolved in 24 hours, please reach out to Coursera through our Help Center.

But I kept trying to submit.

Now, I don’t see submit button only. Please help.

Hi Kumar,

sorry to read you are having issues. Please read carefully all the instructions in this thread regarding that problem:

Hope it solves it.



Hi Rosa,

I am not able to view the content in the URL you suggested in the previous mail. I am attaching a picture of what i am getting.

Ok, try this one


Thank you Rosa for your response. I contacted Coursera Help Center. It seems there are also not much aware.

I think this error is just a random error and gets rectified on its own. As of now, I am not facing this error but facing another error of grader output.


Hi! Are you still facing the grader output error for this assignment? This usually happens when an incomplete notebook is submitted (e.g. exercise 12 is not yet done). Please see these pointers before resubmitting your assignment:

  1. There should not be any cell in the notebook that throws an error. Otherwise, the grader will halt and not give a partial grade. This usually stems from submitting an assignment without completing all the exercises (e.g. doing Exercise 1 then pressing Submit immediately)
  2. You may have renamed the notebook and pressed the Submit button there. The grader expects the default filename when grading. That is the file opened when you launch the notebook from the Coursera classroom. For example, if the default filename is C2W1_Assignment.ipynb , then the grader will grade that notebook even if you pressed the Submit button from C2W1_Assignment_2021_05_11.ipynb

If all exercises are giving the correct output, there might be an issue with the metadata of your notebook. We have submitted the issue to Coursera but while waiting for the final fix, here is a workaround that worked for some learners. In a nutshell, you’ll need to get a fresh copy of the notebook and paste your solutions there. Please take a look at this related thread for details on how to refresh a notebook: C2W1 Assignment - grader output showed error - #4 by chris.favila . Just take note that your expected filename will be for Week 3 and not Week 1.

Hope these help! If not, feel free to update here. Thanks!

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