Not able to get grades on my assignment

I have successfully completed my code for week 3 assignment and have got correct results for it still i am not getting any grades.
despite of attempting several times correctly i am not being graded and am being asked to repeat it again
this is the correct result and i am getting 0 grades

Do show the grader output here so maybe we can have some insight into the error!

the issue is resolved as i had put the complete code in a new notebook…thankyou

Just saw your notebook.

See this link to learn more about grader metadata. This metadata should be present for all labs except for course 4.

If grader metadata is missing, please refresh your workspace and try again.
See Refresh your Lab Workspace section here
If you’ve already done this, contact coursera help

My code is right even my output is coming correct
I am not facing any error but still i’m getting always grade show zero

Do the cells that have a GRADED comment have metadata as indicated in my previous post?

no error during excute but graded 0