Not able to import TensorFlow.keras

For the same assignment, I was trying to do model training since 2 days TensorFlow.keras was working fine but now suddenly I am noticing issue with this. what might have gone wrong and can anyone guide me to work on this. I checked on the form so someone suggestion to import with
!pip install tensorflow==2.8.0 --quiet

!pip install keras==2.8.0 --quiet

So I did and it did download but then as I had started training my model, again I am seeing the same error. Can anyone please help!!

Thank You

Can you try tensorflow.method ommit keras!

Gent in the you want me to replace TensorFlow.kear as keras with what you sent??

it is not working, I am trying !pip install and yet it is not working

can I know what does this quiet mean

!pip install tensorflow==2.8.0 --quiet

!pip install keras==2.8.0 --quiet???

@Deepti_Prasad check the keras website on installation and more

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