Notebook errors - Hanging or "disk change" message

My notebook becomes unresponsive and will not save. I didn’t realise the test cases weren’t running properly and thought I had made progress when it was a connection error. kernel would hang.

And I’m also getting “Notebook file has changed on disk” and is newer than the one that is open - “do you want to reload”? Then I’m told I could lose information if I load from disk?

I don’t have the assignment open in any other window - what is happening? I can’t afford to keep losing work

Hey @Brendon_Wolff-Piggot,
I usually see learners face this issue when they don’t have stable Internet connectivity. If your network connection is stable, and you are still facing this issue, then I guess the issue lies with your account. Please contact Coursera Help Center, and they will help you out.


It’s also possible that your code contains an infinite loop. This will also cause the kernel to give up.