Jupiter notebook crashing and non reconnecting

twice while working in the coursera jupiter / ipython notebook, it has disconnected and failed to reconnect. No code runs while disconnected. super annoying. My wifi is fine and is working in other tabs. Not sure what to do. Have tried the “restart kernel” and “reconnect” options but they don’t work. now, when trying to open the notebook from coursera, i get this error message:


We were unable to retrieve a launch URL. Please make sure you are logged in to Coursera, and have access to this lab.

Hey @ocg are you still facing this issue ?

Hey Mubsi
Yes it’s still doing it. I’ve been happily working away for about 30 minutes, thinking it was all good, but suddenly my code blocks stopped running

Did you try closing the assignment tab and reopening the assignment again ? This usually fixes for me whenever I get this error.

It’s better now thanks, was super unstable for a bit but now reconnects probably

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A mi me sucede lo mismo, he borrado todas las configuraciones del navegador pero me da el mismo error