Notebook kernel too slow (C2_W1_Assignment)

The first cell in Exercise 3 and the first cell in Exercise 4 (i.e., the cells you are providing solutions in) run very slowly. In fact, the Exercise 4 cells takes about 20 minutes to finish… The solution is correct. The “unittest” cell below it takes about 10 minutes to finish. Tried “restart the kernel” and “reboot the server,” but to no avail. Has anyone run into the same issue?

Hi, are you facing issues? Sometimes Coursera environment is just overloaded.

If the problem persists, please let me know.

Yes, I was facing major issues. I opened a case (separate from the messages I posted here) about this but it was closed without any explanation or interaction with me. That is not Ok. I want to talk about this. Please reopen that case.

It took me over 6h to submit an assignment that should have taken 20 min. The fault was entirely Coursera’s and its slow computational resources.