Notes for the specialization?

I am in the fourth course right now, but sometimes I feel the need to get a quick refresher from the previous courses. It is tedious and time consuming to make my way through the slides and sometimes the course videos.It would be nice if someone shares the course notes that contains the important topics in brief.

Thank you


I agree! It would be really helpful! Thanks for pointing it out.

Hello @Abidhasan & @mariam.jamal001,

DeepLearning.AI has great interactive notes that supplement the deep learning specialization on the website.

Here are quick links:

1. Initializing neural networks

2. Parameter optimization in neural networks

They are presented in a great way, you can play with the neural network parameters.

Hope you find them useful.

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Thank you very much for sharing, the notes are detailed and helpful

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Happy to share, @Abidhasan !

I am glad to hear that.

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