Numpy proficiency

Hi, I have no prior experience in Numpy. STAFF : please can you tell me how much knowledge of NumPy is required for this specialization in order to succeed in this course. is there any course or tutorial/youtube lecture link /book which you would like to recommend me that will be sufficient?

This course assumes you are a pretty proficient python programmer, but they introduce you to numpy. There’s a Tutorial that is the first assignment in Week 2 that introduces you to numpy. It’s labelled “Optional”, but it would be a really bad idea to skip it unless you are already proficient with numpy.

If you find that the material there is not quite enough for you, it’s easy to find plenty of information on the web on this kind of a topic. Just google “numpy tutorial” or google the particular numpy function you want to know about, e.g. “numpy dot” or “numpy linalg norm”. They are also pretty generous with examples in the course notebooks, so reading the instructions will usually give you some pretty good hints of which functions to use and how to invoke them.

But note that the other thing you need is a solid grounding in basic Linear Algebra. They assume you already know what vectors and matrices are and that you are very comfortable with operations like matrix multiplication, transpose and so forth. If you already know that and know python, the numpy part should be pretty easy.