Suggest me where to learn Course-1, Week-2, Python Basics with Numpy

I cannot continue further Exercise (2) in Python Basics with Numpy.
I have only a little knowlwdge of python and here I cannot calculate basic sigmoid
Where can I learn in Coursera? or Do I miss something in lecture Videos?
Actually, I use many force to understand since Vectorization.
Suggest me,pls!!!

Hi, @jason_rak. The University of Michigan has put considerable resources into online Python courses. Their introductory Python course would be a good place to start.

Then you want a course that introduces NumPy library for for scientific programming. As I am sure you have noticed, this is essential. This is typically introduced as part of a Data Science specialization. But, these will also cover the data analysis package pandas, which is quite useful but not directly applicable to the Deep Learning Specialization. The book highlighted in the previous link is quite good (written by Wes McKinney, the person that initially developed pandas), and covers Python and NumPy, before introducing pandas.

If you are comfortable learning from books and downloading the necessary software, I would suggest first starting with the introductory Michigan course, and then working through the first four chapters of the McKinney book. Otherwise another Michigan course, Introduction to Data Science in Python will cover the same material, but also introduce pandas.

I do recommend pandas for anyone that wishes to branch into to data science (it’s necessary), but it is not required for the Deep Learning Specialization.