Oct. 18 Founding an AI Startup: Dos & Don'ts of Building a Company

Join us for a live, interactive panel discussion on Founding an AI Startup: Dos & Don’ts of Building a Company.

Whether you’re looking to found your first company or advance your current start-up this event is for you! You’ll learn tactical insights and hear stories from seasoned founders about building their own companies. Leave with concrete ways to start and grow your own company and gain career advice on steps to becoming a founder.

Speakers will cover:

  • Practical steps on how to get started creating your company.
  • Key ways AI companies differ from traditional software companies.
  • Common pitfalls early-stage founders face and ways to overcome these obstacles.

This event is designed for anyone looking to start and/or develop an AI company. Those with non-technical backgrounds are welcome to attend. Special thanks to AI Fund for co-hosting the event with us!

Get your tickets: Founding an AI Startup: Dos & Don’ts of Building a Company, Tues. Oct. 18th at 10:00 AM PST

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