One PDF File Can't Be Downloaded From Optional Labs


I am Menelaos Gkikas from Greece. I recently enrolled in Machine Learning Specialization in Coursera, from Standford & DeepLearning.AI and I’ve been progressing in terms of the first week of the specialization.

Although I downloaded successfully the previous optional labs as PDF files (for my own, personal, non-commercial use) I cannot download lab 4 week 1 as a PDF.

First of all, are these codes necessary to complete later on the grading assignments? I know we will be asked to write code ourselves. Is this a derivation, an assembly and a byproduct of the labs and should I print these codes as an ebook for better studying?

Furthermore, when I try to download week 1 lab 4, I come up with internal server error and I don’t have access to the PDF. Why’s that? Should I quest another format of the file? (I also have problems with LATEX being unable to find what to download).

Looking forward for your reply

Thanks in advance

Hello Menelaos @Menelaos_Gkikas,

Not all optional labs are relevant to the assignments, but some of them can be good references. Moreover, there are detailed description to each exercise in an assignment, and there are also hints underneath each of them, so you will also have a lot of useful information in the assignment notebooks themselves, even if you don’t refer back to the optional labs. Perhaps you might decide whether to print them or not after you open the assignment. Please also be noted that, you can save, exit, and re-open an assignment, and you can submit an assignment as many times as you want, so you don’t need to really make that decision now.

I think the best way would be to download it as a notebook (.ipynb), however, if you can’t download it as a PDF directly, perhaps you may also try to download it as HTML first , then open that HTML file and print it as pdf .